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Please send your web pages and favorite pictures(one per person) to SlrStMaker. Thank you!

Hello, and welcome to the debut of a new Sailor Moon club. Membership is free and you'll receive a weekly newsletter with a different picture everytime. If you would like more info. or want to join, please follow the links below and have a great time!. Thanks!.

Membership Information

To join this club all you have to do is e-mail LUNArtimis and that's it! No money or anything and you'll receive a weekly news letter with a different Sailor Moon picture each time. It's that easy. So what are you waiting? E-mail her now!

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The Weekly News Letter.

This part of the page is here just in case you weren't around for some of them and missed them, or if you just want to read them on the page instead of in your mail box. Enjoy!
Coming Soon!!!!

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Member Links

Here are some links to web pages that are run by members of this club.

Sailor Moon Central Center. -Sailor Moon info., spoilers, music files, and a new host every week!
The Biggest Sailor Moon Collection Ever Seen! -Pictures of Sailor Moon toys(Japanese, American, Asian, etc.)
Arsenic's Vault -Sailor Moon picutres and links. Plus links to pages other than that of Sailor Moon.
The Unofficial Sailor Moon Page -Sailor Moon info.
Sailor Moon home. -Sailor Moon links and info.

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Fav. Member Pictures.

All the pictures here were submitted by our members for your viewing pleasure. These are some of their fav. Sailor Moon pictures around.
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Club creater- LUNArtimis.
Web page creater- SlrStMaker.

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